Change the Guidelines?


Change the guidelines?

Jamie Jones, Kids Personal Trainer, The Kids Coach

It seems as though the technology world has won. A recent study shows that we should accept defeat. We should allow more screen time? Maybe, maybe not.

Is our world so screen dominant that under 2 hours per day is unachievable? I disagree! Is this the easier option? Absolutely not. My 3 year old doesn’t watch 2 hours a day. Has he? YES (who doesn’t love movie marathons on a wet day?) but the “normal” day takes effort. Walking, going to a park, playing out the back, riding bikes, kicking the footy are activities we do (between my wife and I) each week. Doing this gives our boy the chance to develop and grow as all children used to.

I certainly agree that we are in a highly technological world, but changing recommended guidelines due to being “virtually impossible” does leave some grey area. Maybe the title should read “We have to accept and rise to the challenge”?

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