The Most Important Ingredients for Training Kids


What I Have Seen When Training Kids: The Most Important Ingredients

Jamie Jones, Kids Personal Trainer, The Kids Coach

I have been training kids, aged 5-12 years of age successfully for over 10 years. The one component that has made my program successful is the inclusiveness.  Inclusiveness gives every child in the workout the ability to express their full potential and leave the session feeling like the champion they are. Underweight and shy kids, overweight and embarrassed kids and everything between have exercised with me. Kids that have had their school Phys. Ed teacher tease them, autistic kids, and bullied and belittled kids have all had a positive experience with training with me.

This is the beautiful things about kids, they are highly adaptable and can turn their world around quickly with a couple of positive experiences.  All you have to do is walk around your local shopping centre and you can see the increase of kids who are heading in the direction of obesity. EVERY child has the right to be cheeky, playful, energetic and happy. That’s what they do naturally. That is what exercise can provide children. Getting children to move releases great endorphins and gets their natural happiness bubbling on the inside.

This is the main driver and motivation behind my wife and I have creating The Kids Coach. We want to give every child the potential to release those great endorphins and become happier, healthier little humans. They can start in the comfort of their own home or bedroom and simply get moving. As a kid, I used to exercise in the bedroom of my house as I didn’t want anyone else knowing I was doing it (mostly because I was overweight) and that was the start of my fitness journey. We want to provide children the opportunity to exercise at an early age, to build their confidence and have a fitness journey that will last a lifetime.

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