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Written by Jamie Jones, Kids Personal Trainer, The Kids Coach 

Whether you like it or not, the kids in your life look up to you to show them the way. Exercise & Sports Science Australia reports that “evidence has found children mirror their parents’ everyday activity levels, which brings a whole new meaning to ‘setting an example.”

The way you react in certain situations such as being cut off, stubbing your toe or even the way you speak to others, our little sponges are watching and listening.

This is a great thing in regards to exercise. If they see you out walking the dog, going for a run, lifting weights at home, stretching in the living room, getting sweaty or even taking the stairs instead of a lift, they will want to copy.

Go on and give it a try but remember to do it because you want to make the right choice. If you associate exercise with “too hard”, or “that stuff is for gym junkies”, guess what your children will learn and then in turn pass on to their kids?

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