5 Fun Indoor Activities this Winter for Kids


As the temperature drops, it gets harder to keep kids active and the weather seems pretty determined to spoil any outdoor plans you may have had. But the kids are driving each other (and you) nuts, they have so much energy to burn off and you can’t face another rendition of family charades.

But what do you do with them? Taking them down to the local park can be met with icy equipment, wet slides and less than enthusiastic participants. The front yard is water logged and within five minutes, their clothes are saturated with freezing water and they’re begging with their blue lips to come back inside. Not to mention, there’s not enough warm takeaway coffee in the world to make any of these activities fun for us parents!

But fear not – there’s still plenty of fun ways to get your kids a bit more active, all from the comfort of your warm living room – even with that warm coffee for you too.

Try any of these five easy ideas:

#1 Set up an obstacle course

Depending on the age of your kids, you can make this as easy or as hard as you like. Get them involved as you rummage around the house for things to set up – think things to climb over, crawl under and balance along. For the bigger kids, you can even make it a race and time them on your phone’s stopwatch.

#2 Get them moving with their devices

Use their screens for something active and pop on an episode of The Kids Coach. They’ll have lots of fun copying all the moves of The Kids Coach and will have used up all that pent up energy in the meantime. With over 70 different videos available, it’s an easy way to keep kids physically active no matter that the weather is like. Click here for a free trial of The Kids Coach.

#3 Play a round of musical chairs

A crowd favourite, musical chairs only really comes out at kids parties nowadays. Grab the dining chairs (one less than the number of players), press play on the tunes and join in with your kids to add in extra players. You can even play the game with a bit of a twist to make sure no-one gets eliminated – when the music stops, everyone races for a seat. If you can’t find a seat, you have to sit on someone’s lap. The players with their bottoms on chairs get two points and the players sitting on someone’s lap get one point. Each round, remove a chair. Tally the points all the way to the end and get ready for a laugh!

#4 Find some active board games

Classic board games such as Twister, Roll & Play and Hullabaloo by Cranium get your kids moving around while playing some of the funnest board games.

#5 Set up a treasure hunt

You can make this as tricky as you like and even give the kids a set of clues that makes them move around the house a bit as they search for the “treasure”. Think clues that make them climb up the stairs, crawl under the beds and wander from room to room looking for whatever you’ve chosen to be the lucrative prize at the end.

So bust the boredom, keep the kids’ bodies moving and keep the whole family sane this winter!

Don’t forget, you can pop on a video from The Kids Coach at any time to keep your kids active, moving and entertained this winter. Click here to get a Free 7 Day Trial of The Kids Coach.


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