Is your teen strong enough for their life requirements?


Well here you are. The last phase of childhood for your baby. You’ve got them out of nappies, through primary school and now it’s high school time. The journey to independence is in full swing and your teen loves having their freedom (and you have your days of worry/ excitement and ARGHHH!) but it’s all good, right?

So, how does having a strong teen help them and you? Firstly, let’s look at what is happening in these years.



Lots of sleep. Unfortunately, this can be due the late nights messaging friends or gaming. These activities reduce the quality of sleep which doesn’t help the hormonal teen. If you can have your teen engaged in after school activities that they enjoy and are challenging enough to increase their strength, they will get to bed earlier. Of course, there are other factors at play here but if you can tick the strength training box you will give your teen the chance at a quality night sleep.



This is stressful for any teen. Strong or not but exercise regulates teenagers. It releases the happy hormones which removes stress. Having adequate core strength also gives teens the ability to hold good posture while sitting. This allows their body to function at its peak. Quite important for those seeking their best grades.



At this stage of sport kids are loving their chosen sport and want to win. Having a strong core, strong legs and strong arms helps every sport. Adding in one to two strength sessions per week will help your teen perform at their very best.


Body image and self-esteem challenges.

We are all created differently. It can take adults years (some never do) to fully accept their individual body for all its uniqueness but as a teen this journey is just beginning. With social media playing its part in adding to the challenge, teens need the opportunity to express their own body’s abilities in a positive environment. Feeling strong is a huge empowerment. This can be achieved by finally conquering the monkey bars, pushing a heavy sled or even simply finishing a challenging workout. The release of the happy hormones is significant after a challenging workout and this is so beneficial to teens.

Which activities will help your teen sleep better, improve their exam marks, help them perform to their best and help them feel happy with their body?

Squats, sleds, deadlifts, jumping, push ups, monkey bars, climbing ropes, rolling, running, skipping, cycling are just a few. Even better to combine 2 or 3 together. Under guidance to help progress correctly is always recommended as if it is too hard or they get injured they will not want to attempt it again.

Strength is not just physical. It is also having the mental strength to be confident. To be courageous. To be resilient. The beautiful thing is mental strength can be grown through trying to be physically stronger.


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