Do your child’s knees point at each other?

Your child is dressed up, looking cute and its photo time. You take the priceless shot and look down at your kids’ legs…. Their knees are pointing towards each other!!

This 1 activity will improve your child’s posture

Posture- the position in which someone holds their body when sitting or standing. Why is it  important to have “good posture”? Our muscle and bones have been created to allow

Is your teen strong enough for their life requirements?

Well here you are. The last phase of childhood for your baby. You’ve got them out of nappies, through primary school and now it’s high school time. The journey to

Is your 6 to 12-year-old strong enough for their life’s requirements?

Where did that time go? It seems like yesterday you were changing nappies and hand feeding your child and now they are full time at school! Hands up if you

How is exercise similar to screen time?

Tablets, phones, laptops and smart TV’s are all a part of our lives. They are here to stay, and I don’t think usage will be reducing anytime soon. Even though

Confidence For Kids

Confidence. It is something we all strive to have and hope our children have plenty of. Living without confidence can lead to a life of missed opportunity. Not having confidence

Is your 18 month – 5-year-old strong enough for the things they are required to do in their life?

It all starts with the first drive home from the hospital. The extra worry and concern that comes with being responsible for a small, amazing human. I’ll never forget leaving

5 tips to a healthy child

What I tend to see quite often these days is kids being one of two things. 1) extremely athletic, driven, motivated to be the next champion of the world or

5 Tips to Get Your Child more active with minimal parent involvement.

With only 19% of children getting the required 60 minutes of activity per day it is up to us the parents/ care givers to get our children moving more. These

5 exercises to build strong ankles in kids.

As discussed in THIS blog, children’s ankles can be quite vulnerable if they don’t have good proprioception (the communication between a child’s brain and their ankle muscles, tendons and ligaments).