Meet the Developers

The Kids Coach was developed by Jamie Jones, a Kids Personal Trainer, with his wife, Roisin Sullivan, an Occupational Therapist, with the vision to help all young children move more, get healthier and learn to love staying active.

“With over 35 years combined experience in working with kids, we’ve seen first hand the increasing negative effects of poor development, sedentary lifestyles, dropping physical activity levels and the decline in kids’ health.

However, we’ve also seen first hand the massive benefits that happen when kids move more, including improved development, strength, coordination, concentration, confidence, increased endorphins, inclusion and psychosocial and mental health benefits.”

We recognised that parents and educators often struggle with finding the time and resources to ensuring their kids meet the right amount of physical activity. We wanted to give parents and educators an easy and convenient way of improving their kids’ health and fitness that are convenient, easy to follow, expertly designed and most importantly, lots of fun!

When we developed The Kids Coach, our mission was to help more children have a positive, fun experience with physical activity, so that in turn staying active will become a part of their everyday lives and shape them to become healthy, active adults of the future.”

Today kids from all around the world are moving more thanks to The Kids Coach. The Kids Coach videos are played in the homes and classrooms of kids globally, and The Kids Coach is excited to see kids around the world having fun while moving more.

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Roisin Sullivan & Jamie Jones, Founders of The Kids Coach