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Welcome to The Kids Coach – Workout, Fitness & Wellness videos, just for kids. It’s a platform where all kids can finally have their own place to do their exercise and wellness activities.

Developed by a Kids Personal Trainer and an Occupational Therapist, The Kids Coach allows kids from 2-18 years to develop better physical and mental health from the comfort of their own home. With regular new videos releases that your child will love, your child can always access their favourite exercise and wellness activities.

Kids stream videos that are not only tick all the developmental boxes for their age group, but also feature fun, engaging, age-appropriate backgrounds.

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What are people saying about The Kids Coach?

“My kids (6 & 2) are loving the Kids Coach episodes. My 6 year old asks if she can do it each morning once she is ready for school and as soon as she gets home also. It’s great to see them enthusiastic at moving their bodies.” Kayla, Mum of 2.

“I’ve been doing The Kids Coach at home and my friend Cody has too. My favourite one is the racetrack one but Cody likes the kangaroo one the best. I’m getting heaps stronger.” Mason, 8.

“My kids do The Kids Coach sessions most days. We’ll either pop one on in the morning before school or they do it in the afternoon while I’m getting dinner ready. They love picking all their favourite sessions and following all the moves. They get so excited!” Bethany, Mum of 3.

“My daughter doesn’t really like any sports – despite us trying every type imaginable. But we knew she needed to get more physically active. A friend told me about The Kids Coach and so we signed up to a trial, thinking she wouldn’t really use it. Far out, were we wrong! She absolutely loves it. It’s only been a couple of weeks, but we can see she’s getting fitter and stronger already. And her teachers have noticed a change in her already too. She’s concentrating better at school and is getting more involved in sports. It’s been great.” Asha, Mum of 1.

“I like the unicorn ones and the fairy ones the best. And the mermaid ones too. I like them all!” Sophia, 4.

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